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Lemon water side effects: Lemon water is a popular morning tonic that people take for better metabolism and even quick weight loss. However, the same lemon water might not show the same consequences for everyone. The mindset to overdo something is not something which will work in your favour, according to lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho. In one of his recent live sessions on Facebook, he mentions that lemon water does make your body more alkaline, which in turn helps in burning of fat. This, however, does not mean that the more lemon water you drink, the more fat you will burn.

If the idea of a germy lemon still makes your stomach turn, you can squeeze the lemon into your drink instead of dropping the whole wedge in. And if you see employees handling lemons with their bare hands, it might be best to stick to plain water.

Lemon detox diet: Does it work and is it safe?

You should also avoid brushing your teeth right after consuming lemon water and drink plenty of plain water along with your citrus-infused beverages.

Too much lemon water can upset your stomach.

In a 2007 study from the Journal of Environmental Health, researchers tested 76 lemon samples from 21 different restaurants during 43 visits and found that many of the lemons contained microorganisms, including some pathogenic ones that may cause diseases. However, the authors noted that there haven't been any diseases or outbreaks linked to lemons.

2. For those who already have a weak enamel, even 1 or 2 cups of lemon water can cause damage. Drink lemon water through a straw to prevent damage to your enamel.

1. 1-3 cups of lemon water in a day is good enough to reap benefits from it. Drinking lemon water throughout the day can cause damage to tooth enamel. This is because lemon water is acidic in nature.