However, Dr. Bass acknowledges that foot detoxes are probably not going to harm you, either. If things like foot baths make you happy or help you relax, go forth and soak. Just be careful to do your research if you decide to let a spa, alternative medicine center, or beauty salon handle your foot bath or other treatment.

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I decided to try it out for myself with Pacific College Alumna and Oncology Specialist Christine Adamo, LAc, and see for myself what the scoop is all about. Christine is a supporter of “true” ionic detoxes and uses them in her practice, particularly with her cancer patients to help with the side effects of chemotherapy.

The water changes color with or without a pair of feet, as revealed in an impressive exposé by Inside Edition:

Fun fact.

Foot detox: Does it work? - Medical News Today

There isn’t any research to support the use of foot detoxes, but there isn’t any reason to suspect that the process is harmful or unsafe. If you’re interested in the benefits foot detoxes are said to provide, you may wish to first explore your options for a foot soak. Soaking your feet in a warm bath with essential oils or Epsom salts can be a wonderful way to refresh and reinvigorate you.

At the Antoinette Boudoir Spa in the heart of Times Square in New York City, the water turned brownish-orange.