Why The Apple Cleanse Diet Is Good For Your Liver — The

Briefly the fast I undertook was designed to detoxify the liver which in turn will then help to remove toxins from the body. This method is from a book by David Wolfe called “ Sunfood Diet Success System ”:-

The liver is part of your digestive system, producing bile which is necessary for the absorption of fats and fat soluble vitamins as well as the elimination of waste.

The liver manufactures cholesterol which is crucial for many of the body’s functions, such as building new cells, protecting the nerves and producing sex (fertility) hormones and vitamin D.

1. Well firstly, I feel really energised and lighter – I guess my digestive system has had an almost complete rest for the first time ever. Also, it seems as part of the detox I have also let go of many other things.

How to Detox in Just Five Days with Apple Juice and Strong

2. We all eat so many things that we do not need or which we eat just for the sake of it and my awareness of what is good for me and my body has increased even more. I am thinking twice before I choose to buy or eat foodstuffs.

What's the best apple for a liver cleanse?

It’s liver awareness month, so let’s spend a moment getting to know this mighty organ a little better! Where is your liver and what does it look like? You will want to learn more here and get my super easy recipe for a liver detox juice.