Saliva Neutralizing Gum: Oral Clear Gum Review 2020

How to Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test [Complete Guide]

Before the test, ensure that your rinse your mouth multiple times with water. This again helps with diluting the drug concentration in the oral fluids. It also leads to production of fresh saliva which reduces concentration of THC.

Hydrogen peroxide has traditionally been the go-to adulterant for passing a mouth swab drug test. One particular company decided to take advantage of this and has in fact developed little packets of hydrogen peroxide inside chewing gum. The whole process is very simple – just pop a piece of gum into your mouth, break open the packet, and swish. There are also mouthwashes on the market that do the same thing. However, the gum is probably more convenient, and a lot more discreet.

How To Pass A Saliva Drug Test Using Home Remedies (3 Tips)

But, what if your test was sprung on you the morning after you took a massive bong rip? Since saliva tests are typically used for drug screening, they are often unexpected and unannounced. For these instances, you can use a detox mouthwash or a detox gum to fully rid your saliva of any traces of drug use for at least 30 minutes - letting you spit clean, even if you’ve recently lit up!

How Does a Saliva Test Work?

Saliva Drug Test: What Every Stoner Needs to Know to Pass

So in terms of how to pass a saliva drug test, no matter how many metabolites you have in your saliva, the specialist mouthwash bottles are a great solution.

The first way to pass an oral drug test by manipulating it is to try and get the person administering it to take the sample from higher up in your mouth. Metabolites tend to gather around your gum line and under your tongue, if you can get them to take the swab higher up, on the inside of your cheek, then there is less chance of metabolites being in the sample.

We get asked all the time, “is cranberry juice good for a drug test?” And our answer is always the same: “well, it is an antioxidant, and some people have claimed it helped them to pass a screening, but we certainly wouldn’t bank on it.”