Sugar-Detox: So überstehst du den Zuckerentzug - …

There are some stages that you may progress through when you are experiencing sugar withdrawal. While the order listed below is standard for many adults, there is a chance that your personal experience could be different, so keep that in mind.

Sugar Withdrawal Symptoms and Sugar Detox Treatments.

After three days, it's okay to start incorporating small amounts of foods that contain natural sugar (such as organic honey and maple syrup) back into your diet. But when you take that first bite, expect it to taste a little different. "Your palate has basically been re-calibrated," says Alpert. The reason: Sugar actually diminishes the ability to taste sweetness, and briefly avoiding sugary fare will make naturally sweet foods more satisfying.

Sugar Detox: Symptoms, Side Effects, and Tips for a Low

The lack of sugar soon takes a toll on your mind and body. You need the sugar. When the cravings kick in, only the strongest of barriers will keep you from your sugary vices. But you are stronger than this. That barrier has to be your will power (or maybe some really strong friends who agree to pin you down).

For humans, sugar withdrawal is typically less severe. If you cut added sugars from your diet, you may experience:

Combat cravings the right way.

It fires up dopamine and lights up your brain in the same manner as drugs, and it’s wayyyy easier to get a hold of than said drugs, being as it’s legal and found in 90% of food items in an average grocery store.

The feeling of pride that comes with drinking the first cup of sugarless tea is liberating. Even as you struggle with the new, bitter taste and wonder how other people manage to drink it unsweetened, it feels good to have cast aside your need for sugar.