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Dave: It’s kind of a weird thing but I’ve heard so many people say, “Everything in moderation.” What about mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium? What’s the ideal amount of those?

Dave: Got it. You can always order these yourself and go to your doctor, or not even go to your doctor. You order them and you are like, “Okay, I figured this out. I am going to take more or less copper, or more or less zinc, or whatever else,” that sort of “I am going to hack my own body” perspective, and I think there is value in working with someone who’s balanced levels quite a bit.

Sears, M. E. (2013) Chelation: Harnessing and Enhancing Heavy Metal Detoxification—A Review. Scientific World J. 2013: 219840.

How to Use a coffee enema for heavy metal detoxification


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WATER FLUSH . It is useful to do a water flush first to clear the bowel and aid retention of the oil. Insert 1-2 pints of clean, warm water into the colon. Release straight away. PREPARE THE FLAX OIL . Mix 250 ml of organic flax oil (linseed oil) with 100ml of very warm water and bring this mixture to elbow temperature (i.e. warm not hot!) Pour the oil and water into the enema kit and undo the stop gap to let the water run down and out of the tube. Turn it off when the oil appears so only the water is lost. INSERT THE OIL RECTALLY . Laying flat on your back on an old towel, insert the small RECTAL NOZZLE (for goodness sake, don’t use the larger vaginal douche nozzle). Relax and let the warm oil enter your bowel. DURATION . For protection, place an old towel on your bed and relax for 1 hour (lack of gravity is your friend in these circumstances), although the oil is usually easy to hold. As you are infusing the body with light and colour, a great idea is to use this time in peaceful meditation, allowing your body to experience the photon/electron exchange. Do something lovely, creative, inspiring, like a circle of dreams or a guided meditation. RELEASE THE OIL. After an hour release the oil. Usually, the body is very happy to hold the oil and is not in such a great hurry to release it all at once, so if you have to go out, a top tip is to do another warm water flush to eliminate any remaining oil.

(4) Although breast cancer can form in tissues with hormonal receptors for estrogen, progesterone, and HER2, some forms of breast cancer are derived from cells that lack these receptors – called triple-negative breast cancer cells. For example, Cadmium promotes the proliferation of these triple-negative breast cancer cells by stimulating the receptor for the epidermal growth factor (Wei et al. 2015).