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Snacks: Apple Dippers — Enjoy red and green apple slices with a spoonful of nut butter. If desired, enjoy it with a cup of licorice root tea, which Dr. Oz says helps quell sugar cravings.

Dinner: Detox Kebabs — In separate containers, marinate cubes of chicken and veggies in olive oil, lemon juice, and seasoning. Skewer and grill until meat cooks through.


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One of the main goals of a detox water approach: “We want want to clean out your pipes in a healthy way,” Dr. Oz explained. Turns out, many of us carry an overload of toxins absorbed from pesticide residue on food, air pollution, and a zillion other places chemicals hide in the modern world. Our livers often can’t filter them out fast enough, “so they’re tucked into fat cells for safekeeping,” explains Virgin. Toxins not only inhibit fat burning in the cells where they’re stored, they also cause irritation and inflammation that slow the thyroid and trigger a host of other health problems. It’s why Dr. Oz’s drink is loaded with some of the universe’s most powerful detox tools.

Detox Water Sample Day.

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“Nutrients in this detox water not only help you steadily drop pounds, they work to improve energy levels, sleep quality, and overall health,” Virgin says. Per Rhenotha Whitaker, 38, the New Jersey radio host Dr. Oz recruited to try the drink, “This is ‘wow water!’”

Everybody’s buzzing about the fat-flushing power of “detox water,” but do the drinks really work? Dr. Oz’s favorite new recipe sure does! Made with a blend of H2O, green tea, lemon juice, cucumber, mint, and cayenne, “it’s tried and tested to help you reset your body to lose the weight,” he recently revealed. Indeed, women sipping versions of his drink report losing up to 16 pounds in 72 hours — meaning there’s still time to get a whole lot slimmer just as summer arrives!