Juice Cleanse & Detox Break in Essex - Lifehouse Spa & Hotel

So if you are hoping to book a detox retreat, healing holiday, weight loss break or simply juice cleanse without the hard work and temptation you have come to the right place. Change your life for the better and join us at our idyllic rural escape set deep within the lush green rolling hills of Cornwall. Find out more…

the r w retreat.

We have been welcoming guests every week to The Raw Retreat for nearly 10 years and seen hundreds and hundreds of guests improve their health, weight and wellbeing.

Top 10 Affordable Detox Retreats Worldwide

At the heart of our life-changing retreats is detoxification, excellent nutrition, exercise and stress reduction but above all else we offer kindness and support on your journey to wellness and a renewed sense of the person you once were.

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