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Yeah that line disappointed me too but I liked the rest of the rap, I just didn't get why she put herself down and then called herself second to Ru in a later line? That "Naomi Campbelling these hoes to the crown, next!" line was fucking legendary though.

She continues, “You can’t stand me, I don’t blame you / If Ru is number one, I’m number two / You disagree? Well, that’s on you / Eyes on the chalkboard, I’ll spell it out for you / D to the E to the T to the O to the hold it — X” as she drops her body to the floor, which sends the judges into a laughing fit.

If she said "I'm not perfect, but bitch I'm close" (obviously not in so many words and rhyming with the next verse) it would have been better.

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For the final maxi challenge of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars , the top four contestants are tasked with writing and performing their own lyrics to Ru’s new song “Read U, Wrote U,” and EW has an exclusive first look at Detox flexing her signature rap skills on the main stage.

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I am an enormous Detox stan and was super excited for her to rap, yet this line sullied my impression of her performance and no matter how I spin it I cannot justify it. Is this a reference to smth I am missing?

I'm Roxxxy Andrews🍑and I'm here👋🏽 to make it clear🕵🏼I know💁🏽you love ❤️💕💖me, baby👶🏼, that's why you broughtme here🙏🏼Was a bitch😈 on Season 55️⃣, I'm gonna make it right👌🏼 Give me🤑a sewing challenge✂️📍📌👗and I'll give 🤑you what you like👌🏼👌🏼😍🍆I'm full of tricks😼😹, baby👶🏼, just like👌🏼 on Halloween🎃A room🚪 full of monsters😈👹👿👺👻💀👽 and it makes me wanna scream😱🙀😱🙀I have to get this right👌🏼👍🏼👌🏼 so you don't waste 🗑your time⏱🕖⏲🕝⏰🕔🕰🕧🎛Not like my comedy😂😹, I'm killing🔫💣 on this rhymeI'm gonna show 📺you what I can do You're going crazy 😜😝and seeing two👯‍♂️2️⃣👯It's not👎🏼my fault👿, you can't blame my game📱 All these other hoes🙅🏻,but they're all the same👯👯

“Detox comin’ at you with the slow verse / I’mma speed it up, I had to shut it down first / Killin’ bitches so hard, need a pink hearse / I ain’t sayin’ I’m the best, but I ain’t the worst / You see me shinin’, I’m tryin’ to take this primetime / I see you whinin’ and cryin’, take that to Lifetime” she raps, before falling backwards into the arms of her backup dancers.