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Detoxification with above mentioned methods is associated with laws and regulations of supplying them, which should be considered as a limitation.

The mean age of participants was 28.32±5.46 years. The youngest was 20 year old and the oldest was 42 years old. The frequency of background variables is presented in table 1 . Most of the participants were from crowded families. 20% were the first children in the family and 40.7% were unemployed. As mentioned before, during the study, group matching was tried by recruiting more patients. To assure group match, independ-ent sample t-test was used, which showed no significant difference between the two groups ( table 2 ). Just one of the participants has addiction history of less than one year. 76.6% of participants in rapid detoxification group and 80% of clonidine group had a history of detoxification.

Considering the fear of drug addicts from hangover symptoms and the costs of withdrawal treatment and their importance in deciding to withdraw, it is helpful to identify various ways of withdrawal and their effects. This study investigated the withdrawal symptoms of two methods of detoxification with clonidine and rapid detoxification of clonidine with naltrexone.

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This is something we hope to avoid for all clients, by promoting a rapid opiate detox as part of a customary recovery programme.

Our clients receive 12 months of aftercare, for free, to provide a degree of stability and reassurance through ongoing addiction recovery.

As we’ve highlighted above, you can overcome your addiction by completing a comprehensive rehab programme, standing as both a rapid opiate detox process and therapeutic treatment services.

This in tandem with the skills that you’ll pick up through rehab will hopefully reduce your inclination to abuse drugs in the future.

Yet, in order to overcome an opiate addiction, further treatment methods will need to be completed to work through the psychological issues caused by opiate abuse.