You can return to eating 3 meals per day, but continue to have at least one juice a day. Try to make your snack a fresh juice.

Breakfast Juice: Carrot Apple Ginger Mid-morning Juice: Mean Green Lunch Juice: Gazpacho Juice Afternoon Snack Juice: Citrus-Inspired Green Juice Pre-dinner Juice: Sunset Blend Dinner: Eating at the end of the day is essential during a short cleanse of this nature. This will help you feel full so you won’t fall prey to cravings or feelings of deprivation or starvation. Meals should consist of only fruits and vegetables. Get the suggested recipes.

Weekend juice detox.

We hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July! Most of us ate great tasting foods outside of our typical diet and drank much more alcohol than usual – but it was well worth it at the time! With that said, we have compiled a few juicing recipes to blast away that bloated stomach and nagging hangover.


Below, I’ve included all the information you need to map out your juice weekend so that it’s blissfully stress-free. There’s a two day planner, with suggested juices and meals for each day. All the recipes can be found in my Juice Diet book, and I’ve included a deliciously healthy Pineapple Crush recipe below to get you started. If a juice doesn’t take your fancy, feel free to swap it for something similar – this detox is about feeling great after all!

Mid-afternoon Glass of hot water with juice of ½ lemon; small bunch of red grapes and 1 tbsp mixed seeds.

‘Designed to motivate you to start losing weight with the minimum effort, my two day detox programme is packed with slimming, nourishing juices supercharged to clear out your system, improve digestion and aid weight loss.