Spinach & Apple Detox Smoothie – Life is but a Dish

The important thing is to find a balance between the flavors. If you add spinach, try using fruits and sweeteners you like to make it to your liking.

Do spinach smoothies taste bad?

Dates – sometimes the dates might be way too hard for the blender to process so to make it easier you just place them in a bowl, pour hot water over and let them sit for about 5 minutes so they have time to soften. Chop them roughly.

Pineapple, Spinach and Ginger Super Detox Smoothie

Do you ever feel stuck? Like, I am currently in such a creative block. I haven’t been making new recipes regularly, as I have been in the past weeks, very few new material, and even writing seems like a chore.

What are the benefits of spinach smoothies?

Spinach Cucumber Smoothie.

Now throw everything in the food processor and blend until smooth. This green smoothie is quite thick. If you don’t drink it right away, store it in the fridge.

Detox Spinach Green Smoothie.