What Salt to use? Is it ok to use non-iodized sea salt or table salt?

A saltwater flush is used to cleanse your colon, treat chronic constipation, and help detox your body. It became a popular trend as part of the Master Cleanse detox and fasting program.

Supporters of colon cleansing link chronic medical problems with colon toxins and, therefore, they recommend colon cleanses to increase immune function and energy levels.

The Right Salt water Cleanse recipe for Weight loss.

The salt water flush is not harmful to your body. It might be a little too harsh for your palate, and gut flora called microbiome, but no worries. You will replace these microbiomes with a probiotic drink you need to consume after the juice cleanse is completed.

Himalayan Sea Salt Water Flush Detox Recipe (Instructions)

So how do you use it? Of course you can use pink salt in any dish you would use regular salt in, but it goes beyond that too. To get a boost of caffeine-free energy, you can add a pinch of pink salt to your morning lemon water or smoothie each day (this Dark Chocolate Salty Maca Crunch smoothie is a favorite of mine). To experience the full benefits of Himalayan pink salt, you can also make salt water sole (pronounced so-lay ), which is water that has been fully saturated with natural salt to the point where it won’t absorb anymore. This is the form of the salt that is easiest for the body to absorb.

There are some side effects that can be serious despite the fact that many proponents of salt water flushes report that there are minimal risks.

You should wait until you had your first bowel movement. You need the salt water to pass through your entire stomach and colon. Give your stomach enough time to recover from flushing to digesting. This is also one of the suggested tips that you should drink SWF fast. The longer it takes you to down the salt water, the longer you have to wait before you can fill your stomach with lemonade and have the energy you need to start the day.