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Why Should I Detox?

Top 10 Affordable Detox Retreats Worldwide

Why Spring is a Good Season for a Detox Holiday?

If a typical Western detox is not for you, check out our selection of Ayurveda retreats and discover the healing power of ancient Indian medicine:

Detox Diet in Europe - Cleanse & Detoxify in Europe

Introduction to Detox:

Why Summer is a Good Season for a Detox Holiday.

As there are several different types of detox holiday, the best time to book one depends on the type of detox diet you would like to try. For detox holidays in Europe , SpaDreams recommends March to August to make the most of the summer weather. Hot weather is associated with light, healthy foods, as opposed to the comfort foods that so often stock our cupboards in winter. Fasting in Europe is particularly effective during hot weather.