Amphetamine Detox

A residential stay at one of our specialist hospitals may be required if you cannot stop taking amphetamines. In the first instance, a medically assisted withdrawal detoxification programme may be required in order to remove all traces of the drug from your body and reduce any physical symptoms that can occur when withdrawing.

Much like the abuse of other stimulant drugs such as the amphetamine derivative MDMA (ecstasy) , people who take amphetamines with the intention of suppressing appetite or to feel less tired can become embroiled in a cycle of repeated use, which can lead to dependence and ultimately, addiction.

Amphetamine Detox.

Amphetamine Withdrawal: Symptoms, Treatment, & Timeline

Currently, there are no addiction treatment medications for Amphetamine Use Disorders. For some withdrawal symptoms, a medical professional may be able to prescribe antidepressants or short-term Benzodiazepines.

Withdrawal Symptoms.

Amphetamine Detox - Sana Lake Recovery Center - Missouri

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