Juice Up: The 10 Best Juice Cleanses You Can Buy Online

As an event planner, I often spend 12-16 hour days on my feet. I have to stay healthy and energized. I am a huge fan of juice cleanses as they are the most natural and organic method of detoxifying and healing. They are especially great post holidays after most of us have over indulged in unhealthy foods and alcohol. I often recommend these to brides-to-be, since they are also a quick way to slim down or jumpstart a healthier lifestyle. Our bodies and minds also experience physical and mental clarity by taking time off from regular eating.

So now it’s time to jump on the juice bandwagon and experience the many health benefits (not to mention the quick weight loss). Don’t think of it as starving yourself; you will be flooding your body with incredible nutrients & veggies all day long. You’ll likely miss the idea of eating more than actually being hungry, I promise! Which ones have you tried? Send your favorites to hello@brit.co. And cheers to a juicy new year!

Amanda Cey is the Founder and CEO of ABCey Events, a San Francisco based Private and Corporate Event Planning company that services the technology industry and has produced events for Oracle, Adobe, Apple, Tesla, Razorfish, Accenture, and more. She is also a self professed health nut and advocate. You can find Amanda on Facebook,Twitter, G+,LinkedIn or follow her Events blog.

Organic Avenue is now offering 10% off their 3-Day LOVE*easy Cleanse.This cleanse is great for first timers as it incorporates organic raw food along with your juice. Enter promo code EASYNY12 at checkout.*

7. Can Can: I love the Can Can and my DIY version is a variation of this one. They offer a 1-Day, 3-Day and a Green cleanse and include teas and soups along with the juices. Again, the Green cleanses are for the more experienced who would like to explore the next level of cleansing. They change the ingredients up seasonally, so new juices and soups pop up at different times of the year. I am a big fan of the blended soups and the nut milks are always filling. Each day, you consume the same menu of 8 nutrient-rich beverages. 3-Day cleanses are $185 and come in mason jars of different sizes (great for re-use). This is a San Francisco based Juice Cleanse.

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9. iZO: The iZO Cleanze is an organic California based vegan juice and superfood cleanse company. Their recipes are custom-formulated by a panel of experts and are “extensively cultivated for maximum well-being and a delicious range of fresh tastes.” Their juice cleanse programs are home delivered and cater to busy professionals who want maintain their youthfulness and stay attractive, energetic and vibrant. 3-Day juice cleanses begin at $300 (without add-ons). Really? But wait, they offer a DIY version on the site in an effort to make juicing accessible to the masses, which is something I haven’t see before. iZO Juice Feast Cleanzes are currently only available in L.A. and Orange County, CA.

Juice Up: The 10 Best Juice Cleanses You Can Buy Online.

The Master Cleanse: I have never tried this and never plan to. I think this is what non-juicers think a cleanse is. The ingredients are lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup and you drink only this for 10 days of your life. Celebrities swear by its energizing and weight loss effects. However, many people report fatigue,irritability, headaches, pains, nausea, vomiting, and uncontrollable bowel movements. For me, a juice cleanse is about elimination but it’s also about consuming an inordinate amount of fresh veggies! I absolutely love lemons and they are highly alkalizing, but I’m not sure this is all I could drink for a week plus. Booooorrringgg!