The World’s Best Detox Spa Retreats for the Ultimate

INTERIORS Plush but comfortable: vast beds, swathes of exquisite Italian fabrics and marble bathrooms stocked with olive-oil beauty goodies. The staff are warm and friendly, but it's the peace of this (adults-only) retreat that you'll really savour.

WHAT DO YOU EAT? A modest breakfast of cereal and fruit salad, and pasta salad with smoked salmon or seabass millefeuille at lunch. Dinner might be chickpea and chicory soup, tagliatelle with baby octopus, a pear, a glass of (antioxidant-rich) red wine and, to finish, an espresso. Not exactly a hardship.

Cugó Gran Gut Makeover Retreat.


GENIUS MOVE It has all the trappings of a decadent mini-break, but you can be smug in the knowledge that you're on an antioxidant fest, - everything you eat is packed with fibre, healthy fats and proteins.

Detox Destinations: The Best Health And Wellness Retreats

WHILE YOU ARE THERE Pad about under paintings of prime ministers, meander to the pool house for a massage or the maids' quarters for acupuncture - and make the most of being in this beautiful home.

A TYPICAL DAY Louise and her polished ESPA Life team create individual itineraries. It is about the whole person rather than just a specific health complaint. So you can combine a craniosacral treatment with Anna Smilowska to banish stress and anxiety, acupuncture with Katherine Dandridge and colon hydrotherapy with Louise to boost those bowels.

WHILE YOU ARE THERE Lounge on the sun-drenched terrace and take in the view from this luxed-up 14th-century Puglian farmhouse, with its honey-coloured walls, pomegranate trees and bougainvillea. Swim in the Adriatic or power-walk through 200 acres of ancient olive groves.