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3. Get Social.

1. Psychology is everything.

Whether it was the result of too many Easter treats, anticipation of the not-too distant bikini season or simply that they knew how good it feels to join in one of the Juice Master’s Big Juice Challenges , a whopping 100,000 people plugged in and flipped the switch on their juicers to take part between 24-30 April.

Jason Vales Virtual Retreat – 7 Day Juice | Yoga

The first 72 hours of a challenge are the toughest, with Tetchy Tuesday or Wobbly Wednesday usually being the most difficult days. Counter this by watching Jason’s motivational videos online, and sharing your experience on social media. Sign-up and follow Juice Master on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Jason’s mission is to juice the world and his Super Juice Me! 7-Day Challenge rallied the troops to join the juice revolution, creating a catalyst for change for the many, many people who shared their success on Juice Master’s social media channels.

3-Day Juice Diet – Juice Master

That’s right, it’s challenge time again! For those who have taken part in our previous challenge’ – welcome back! For those who have never taken part in a Jason Vale juice only challenge– you don’t know what you’re missing and will not regret taking part.

Based on the first seven days of the world renowned Super Juice Me! plan , Jason guided juice virgins and juice devotees around the globe through the week. With motivational behind-the-scenes videos, social media support from the Juice Master team and – of course – a FREE simple, easy-to-follow plan delivered to their inbox, those who took the challenge were guided through the balanced, well thought-out programme.