7 Day Detox & Recharge Retreat in Nature, Sri Lanka

Ayurveda auf Sri Lanka: Detox statt Botox - …

Afterwards you need to take care to reintroduce food groups slowly and carefully for your body's good health.

Detox program.

Combining yoga and detox program can give us just the fresh reset we are looking for in the mind, body and soul.

We thought that our detox would begin the following day after traveling for so long, but as soon as we checked in, we were told that we can start immediately! As a first step, we went for our appointment with our Ayurveda doctor, who asked us loads of questions to get to know our concerns better and all the things we wanted to treat while we were there. After the 30 minute session, she gave me a sheet with my customized treatment including which foods I can and cannot eat and the treatments that I will need during my stay. Afterwards, she gave me a bunch of natural powders, which I had to mix in warm water and drink several times a day. I thought to myself “How bad can they taste?” but we’ll come to that later! She then pointed me to the direction of the massage room and said that I can start my treatments.

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I was asked to remove all my clothing and wrap myself with a large green cloth, which is the only thing you are allowed to wear in the whole treatment area. I walked into the massage room and was greeted by two of the sweetest ladies. I could see that they were cooking something in a large pot and I lay down on the table to start my massage. They began by beating my whole body with the natural herbs they were cooking in the pot, which was then followed by an amazing massage. I already felt like I was in heaven!

The most effective use is preventative, there is so much sense in periodically giving the body a rest and clean.

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