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Crack cocaine is a dangerous form of cocaine that produces a powerful ‘high’ almost instantly. The drug is an inexpensive and easily accessible version of powdered cocaine which comes in a rock crystal form, due to the way it’s produced. Because it’s smoked, it travels to the brain very fast through the bloodstream after absorption from the lungs. Its intense pleasurable effects only last for 5-10 minutes, which make it a potent recipe for addiction.

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Crack Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms & Detox Guide - UKAT

The best way to go through detox is under 24-hour medical supervision in a detox facility. This is because of the dangerous effects of crack cocaine. However, if your doctor finds your crack use to be mild, you may be allowed to detox from home. You should never go through withdrawal without medical assistance, even if you want to do it from home.

Fatigue: the person may feel an overwhelming lack of energy. Insomnia: despite their fatigue, they may be unable to sleep at all, or only for short periods Lethargy: they may feel unable to summon up the effort to do even the most basic tasks. Restlessness: they may find themselves unable to settle, and constantly move their body Cravings: feel an intense need to consume more crack which dominates their every thought. Suicidal ideation: they might find themselves dwelling on thoughts of killing themselves Depression: they might feel a complete lack of enthusiasm for anything in life Decreased libido: they may feel utterly uninterested in sex Nightmares: sleep might be plagued with terrifying and very vivid dreams. Fluctuating appetite: they may not feel like eating anything for long periods.

These symptoms will be tackled by medication therapy and psychotherapy during the detox process. Your doctors will also put you through other healing processes such as exercising, to help your body cope during this time.