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Understanding how your body is affected by substance abuse can help you to understand why detoxing is such an important factor in your recovery.

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This is because many of the substances of addiction interact with the brain and body in ways that create neurological and physiological dependencies, meaning functioning with the drug in your system has become your new ‘normal.’ Alongside this, you may have a psychological dependence on the drug, as you feel it helps you to unwind, relax or even feel happy.

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Simply put, Withdrawal starts to occur when less of your addictive substance is present in your system than your body considers ‘normal’. This is because substances like drugs and alcohol act in a way that suppresses the natural production of certain physical and mental functions. When there is less of these substances in your system, this suppression stops and your mind and body respond by providing a surge of functions (ie. adrenaline) that cause a wide range of painful withdrawal symptoms.

Detoxification is arguably the most important step you can take in your recovery from addiction. If you are unfamiliar, detox is a process by which you stop taking the substance of your addiction until all traces are removed from your system.

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Choosing the right withdrawal and detox centre can make an enormous difference in whether or not your detox is a success. Understanding the differences between residential and outpatient services, how inpatient detoxification work, the role of confidentiality, and whether to attend a clinic near home all help you to make the right decision and move closer to the recovery from addiction you want.

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You might be wondering what exactly causes the specific symptoms of withdrawal, but it’s actually a variety of factors . This is due to drugs and alcohol affecting many different areas of the mind and body.