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During my stay abroad, owing to the fresh veggies like carrots, celery, ripe green apples et al available round the year, I made sure to whisk up super healthy detox juices almost on a daily basis.

Out of all those umpteen juices that I made, Super Green Detox Drink undoubtedly turned out to be an awesome idea to pack the best of health in just one glass and that too in minutes.

Fitness freaks or not, you must try out sipping Super Green Detox Drink at least once this year and you would have it on repeats because it shall surely cleanse your system!

As the process of making Super Green Detox Drink includes just a nice mix of up of fresh celery, coriander, parsley, lemon, mint which I pluck fresh from my kitchen garden, it becomes quiet rejuvenating and simple experience to sip this one just like Strawberry Cucumber Detox Water.

Super Green DETOX Drinks That Will Remove ALL Toxins And

Savor this one on a regular basis and it would aid you to delay the aging process, provide strength to eye muscles, enhances memory, slows inflammation and more.

If you are a health enthusiast by any chance then you would know the many benefits of consuming detox drinks.

Packed with all the vital nutrients derived from fresh green and a dash of lemon juice, Super Green Detox Drink is indeed a magical drink! Here is how to make it.