How Long Does It Take To Detox From Alcohol? Detox from

How Long does it Take to Detox from Alcohol at Home?

The process of home detox allows a person to undergo the process of withdrawal in their own home, a safe place where they will feel comfortable during the process. A trained professional may be on hand to assist the person at home instead of in a treatment facility.

What is an Assisted Home Detox?

Sample Tapering Schedule For Alcohol Home Detox.

Alcohol Detox Should Always Be Supervised.

Home detox is not always effective or safe, but it is less costly than being in a rehab facility. In the case of cold turkey and tapering off, the person who is slowing or eliminating their use of alcohol should have a person check in on them regularly to ensure that they are doing well.

However, medical treatment is necessary to treat major symptoms of withdrawal. It is important to drink plenty of water , your body needs it and if you experience dehydration, many of those symptoms are like those of withdrawal from alcohol.

For those who do not have an addiction or a dependence, looking from the outside means that the answers seem simple. Why doesn’t the addict just stop and abstain from the use of their drug of choice?