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Q – What evidence exists that Flor•Essence Tea is effective ? A – Since the 1920s when Nurse Rene Caisse first used a version of the tea, many of the users and doctors have validated the remarkable benefits attributed to taking FlorEssence Tea. Oral and written testimonies include reporting of: reduction or lessening of pain, improved recovery from disorders of many kinds, free radical scavenging activity, sleep improvement, a better quality of life in spite of serious physical disorders, and relief from a wide variety of physical problems, and overall health improvement. Dr. Brusch and Rene Caisse warmly referred to it as “re-educating the cells’ activity.”

Flor essence detox.

Detox for healthy digestion.

Flor-Essence Review - Should You Use This Detox Supplement?

Q – What are some symptoms of excessive toxins in the body ? A – A few symptoms are sleeplessness, fatigue, constipation, decreasing energy, irritability, mood swings, allergies, food intolerance, bloating, bowel gas, dull headache, body odor, and bad breath. Q – Why do the liver, kidneys, and colon not get rid of toxins that enter the body ? A – They do eliminate toxins, but they were not designed to handle the quantity and volume of man-made pollutants that unfortunately bombard the human body in modern industrialized environments. The DNA structure of the body may not have developed a mechanism to recognize, then compensate or eliminate the hundreds of thousands of new compounds that did not exist 100 years ago. The DNA, cells, and organs may become overwhelmed, and when that happens, toxins accumulate in the body and can compromise health in a number of different ways depending upon one’s individual strengths and weaknesses, other stress factors, etc.

With digestion improved, food will be kept from fermenting in the intestinal tract and from becoming a source of toxins. The results are toxin-free cells, improved digestion, optimal health and vibrant energy.

Flor Essence tea Essiac tea for Health and Detox

Q – Why should I select Flor•Essence Tea for detoxification ? A. Flor Essence Tea for its years of use is recognized as the complete body detoxification program. As few as two toxic molecules in the vicinity of a living DNA molecule can cause cell damage. Like tens of thousands of other people, your body can thrive and shine when it is cleansed down to the cellular level and Flor Essence Tea gently helps the body’s natural systems perform more efficiently especially those involving cleansing action and proper cellular activity. Regain the natural state of health through the balancing effects by drinking a mild but therapeutic tea daily. Restore and maintain your own precious health and that of your family and thoughts closest to you.


FMD Flor Essence Detox Tea - 500ml Liquid.