REHAB London Signature Juice Cleanse | Rehab London

This lemonade is an actual lifesaver. Most others I've had are gritty and chalky - whereas this one goes down incredibly smooth. I'm also 99% sure I had food poisoning and this lemonade for a few days in a row helped alkalize my body + rid me of the cramps and upset I was feeling. Great for hangovers too.

As a newbie to juice cleanses, I was not sure what to expect from 3 days of no food all liquid nutrition. I liked the simple and easy to follow instructions, timetable, and juice labels. Gotta say the first day is the worst because you are breaking your norm physically and mentally, but its pretty smooth sailing after that. Post cleanse I've actually decided to keep the green lifestyle going and trying a plant-based diet for 1 month!


Made from responsibly sourced organic ingredients free of chemical fertilisers and pesticides, just as nature intended.

Juice Cleanse in London | Raw & Juicy

I actually thoroughly enjoyed this cleanse. By probably day 2 my stomach and my body just generally felt really clean. My gastrointestinal system felt great too.

What makes us different.

I am a juicing newbie, so didn't know what to expect and how difficult it would be. I did the 3 Day Cleanse and really enjoyed it. The juices and boosters are delicious (perhaps the Green selection on Day 3 a little less so - but that's preference), and there is a great variety each day. Convenient delivery too. This is excellent value for money. I will definitely order again.