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Back story? ‘The Detox Market was born from a love for purity and an eagerness to support our communities in their healthful lifestyles. Years ago, our beloved Valerie was battling breast cancer. As a health and wellness coach, she knew her best defense was a detoxified life which meant saying goodbye to chemically-laden beauty products. She immediately began researching her options and building relationships with pioneers in the green beauty movement. Those values became the basis for the Detox Market as we began creating an educated community of health and beauty experts around offering pure, effective and elegant products.’

Were all the items in stock? Sadly not. There were a few things I wanted that were not available, but they at least left the tester out so I knew I needed them. (I know that is skewed thinking.) As an aside, I have never understood stores that pull testers off the shop floor when something is sold out. Out of sight, out of mind. If the tester stays out, customers ask for it and the retailer has a constant reminder that they need to get it back in stock. Leave your testers out and stick an OOS sticker on them if that makes it clearer.

Customer Service – pushy, pleasant or peasant? Very pleasant. The staff were chilled, said hello, didn’t in any way make us feel inferior or unwanted. They were available but not in our face. A welcome change in the land of commission sales.

Detox Store - Brett Elliott

Is it easy to find what you need? Yes, for the most part. The store is divided into sections such as colour, skincare, hair, tools, fragrance, supplements, teas and bath/body.

Total spent? $600.00 (This is only shown for context of how the atmosphere was conducive to selling and this is my job.)

iLiving (i-Detox) Health Shop - Give Gifts of Wellness

Target demographic? Online – the green brigade. They also have Goop open on another tab while they’re shopping online and are in a hurry to get to pilates.

Transactions completed quickly and accurately? Yes. We were also given an unexpected 10% discount as first time customers. This is standard practice and a brilliant idea.

They also let me use the loo (thank you!), which, by the way, is something UK businesses sorely lack. Try asking someone in a stand-alone beauty store or a SpaceNK in the UK if you can use the toilet and watch the confused look on the face of the staff. *Penelope Keith voice * ‘Erm. No. And how odd that you would think to ask?’