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The FDA has, decades ago, approved Aspartame as safe food additive, so conventional medicine must fallow suit and diagnose your condition as mental.

Aspartame is a poison. Rather than taking a multivitamin you would be better to start juicing with organic green vegetables to detox your body and get real vitamins into your body. Many multivitamins are just synthetic copies of real vitamins and they contain minerals which are not organic so your body cannot assimilate them. Minerals in plants are organic and the body can use them. Wheatgrass, chlorella and spirulina are all excellent to detox your body as well.

Charcoal won't absorb them, but taking amino acid supplements will certainly displace them. I think this is a more practical way to dealing with it. Charcoal is always good in detoxification from other things, and it is best to use them, even if aspartame cannot be adsorbed. What adsorbed aspartame the best in your intestinal tract, I think this is not the best method to tackle in the long run. Getting a diarrhea I think will just clear the 20 feet of intestines of toxic buildup in general is a more practical route.

Chrissey: I would recommend several known "nootropic" nutrients to support brain health like: Taurine, Triple Strength Lecithin, Acetyl L-Carnatine, Phosphatidl Serine, Vinposetine or Huperazine. Chinese Skullcap herb, Ginko Biloba herb. 5HTP & Melatonin, rotated every other night w/ GABA, prior to retiring.

@ Malibudoll35 I too have recently had various symtpoms that led me to believe that I had one of the diseases that you mentioned in your reply. I had blood drawn and I am waiting for a response. I drink about 4-5 diet pepsi's a day. I decided that yesterday was my last day drinking a diet pepsi. I went to church yesterday and received prayer from one of our pastors.

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A good multivatmin/mineral will also help detoxify the alcohols or aldehydes from the tissues. Extra Zinc & Niacin will also help. NADH would be the best form of Niacin as it is an activated coenzyme that also fuels the brain w/ energy.

Chrissey: I forgot to mention Alkalizing Remedies as is evident from your post the acidosis issues which are common in the presence of alcohols or aldehydes. I use 1/2 Baking soda w/ 1/2 Sea Salt 3x day.