Cardamom seeds can help to clear excess mucus that can surface as toxins are eliminated from the body during the 7 Day Detox.

Licorice root is calming and nourishing and aides in the absorption of the healing spices recommended for the 7 Day Detox.

Pukka detox tea benefits.

Pukka banned from advertising tea as ‘Detox’ - but why is

The Pukka Organic Detox Tea is a tasty and convenient option for a digestive herbal tea to drink during your cleanse. This specific blend of herbs helps to ignite the digestive fire without increasing excessive heat in the body. Although each of the herbs in the Pukka Organic Detox Tea have a variety of medicinal uses, here is the basic reasoning for the inclusion of each of the herbs found in the tea:

The Benefits Of A Natural Cleanse | Pukka Herbs

Through the lens of Ayurveda, the digestive system is seen as an internal fire. Warm liquids help to maintain the internal fire of digestion while cool liquids dampen it. When you ingest a combination of warm liquids with digestive herbs in a tea, you are actively stoking your internal fire, increasing your ability to properly digest the food you eat, and helping to eliminate any impurities currently within your tissues. Warm digestive teas also have the benefit of improving circulation and flushing the lymph fluids through the channels of the body which can help relieve any detox related aching in the body and head.