Many people will guess that drinking makes you pee more, which means more kidney action, which means more processing and filtration of some blood borne toxins — but the logic is just the same as with blood volume. It’s true-yet-trivial.37.

Massages can also increase blood flow in the body. This, in turn, can decrease high blood pressure. Because massages help relax and loosen the muscles in your body, massages can even improve your flexibility and posture.

Outside of the obvious bodily organs and systems like the integumentary (skin) and the muscular systems, other parts of the body that reset after a detox massage include the circulatory and lymphatic systems.

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And why six bucks? I would rather suggest $3 for this, honestly, but my hands are tied. It’s weird, but $5 online purchases are rejected by credit card companies at an extraordinary rate, because that price point is strongly associated with fraud (specifically with the phenomenon of “card testing” — bad guys testing stolen card numbers with small purchases). And under $5, the fees start to defeat the purpose of the donation. So $6 is the minimum viable price point for a “micro”-transaction.

Benefits of a Detox Massage.

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Emotional and psychological factors . Finally, there’s undoubtedly some psychological PMSM. Even a happy, relaxing massage experience may expose or highlight an exhaustion that was already there, like taking off a mask. Life is hard and many people are running on empty, pushing through the days powered by caffeine, worry, grit, and necessity. Massage is a rare chance to relax and unwind, but it may also have the potential to disarm us, to rob us of our normal defenses against the suffocating fatigue lurking just under the surface. I believe I have experienced precisely this flavour of PMSM on many occasions … and most Sundays, frankly.29.

And what infection is this, anyway? Are we also hypothesizing that people with serious enough infections to cause a J-H reaction are also asymptomatic enough that they are seeking out massage therapy?

It’s common to feel gross after a massage. Flu-like symptoms are surprisingly common. People routinely suffer from varying degrees of soreness and malaise following firmer massage therapy. In the massage industry, this phenomenon known post-massage soreness & malaise , or PMSM .23 The worst cases feel like a full-blown flu, except it doesn’t last nearly as long. Severe PMSM is really unpleasant, and its cause is probably unpleasant. Most of this article is about the worst cases, which are much harder to explain than the milder ones, but I devote a section below to exploring the causes of mild cases as well.