beets : tastes earthy and slightly bitter carrots : slightly sweet and bitter celery ribs : crunchy and earthy lemon : it adds sourness that is a nice balance with the sweetness lime : just like the lemon but this one has a slightly bitter taste cucumber : has a refreshing taste green and red apples : sweet and tangy flat-leaf parsley : fresh and slightly bitter.

Through this recipe, you will have an all-natural drink that is free from all the unwanted chemicals that will not benefit your body. Instead, you get the most out of the natural sweetness and flavors of the ingredients.

It is also a nice way to incorporate veggies into the kids’ diet. Since it is a fun, fresh, and colorful drink, it will be hard for them to say no! Just perfect for the whole family!

Detox Beet Juice Recipe | Delightful Mom Food

How to make Detox Beet Juice?

Instead of buying commercially available drinks, this recipe is an easy one that you can make at home and enjoy without the added sugar and preservatives.

Can you drink Beet Juice every day?

Beet Juice Recipe.

Detox Beet Juice.