The Best Detox Cleanses For Weight Loss (2021 Guide

A: A juice cleanse is a very brief period where you swear off all solid foods, sustaining yourself only on juices or powdered drinks containing nutrients from fruits and vegetables.

11. Raw Foundation 3 Day Juice Cleanse Detox.

Many people find that a juice cleanse is a good “shock to the system” to jolt their body out of bad health habits and make a commitment to a better lifestyle.

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These packets contain ingredients like carrot, sweet potato, pumpkin, and spinach, plus cleansing supplements like turmeric and dandelion root extracts.

Juice cleanses are very popular ways to start a weight loss program, not because you can sustain the same juice-only diet long-term, but because the sharp restriction in caloric intake (and missing out on the foods in your typical diet, which isn’t helping) can help shock your body and mind into adapting to a change.

The first choice is easy: how long do you want your juice to cleanse to be? The typical length is three days because it’s effective but not too challenging. One-day cleanses are great for beginners or anyone that just wants a quick detox, say, on a Saturday after a stressful week. Seven- and ten-day cleanses should only be used by people who’ve done a cleanse before.

To formulate our juice cleanses, we considered only products that came in powders or pre-mixed liquid drinks. This was for ease and convenience.

Superfood Shot Balance provides a highly concentrated two fluid ounce “shot” of juice concentrates. These are mostly derived from fruits and vegetables that are very high in antioxidants, like carrots, beets, kale, spinach, and elderberry.