4-DAY DETOX – Spartan Detox

As a person who suffers from IBS-like symptoms, and whose ears perk up at the mention of any kind of retreat I was excited when an invite to Simply Healing – an 18th Century country house which has hosted juice and weight loss detoxes for 20 years – landed in my inbox.

What makes it different? Simply Healing has been going for more than 20 years with Vivien at the helm, an experienced healer who has a passion for helping people to be their best and is always on hand to impart her many decades of knowledge in healing modalities and supports each guests' individual needs. The house has an inviting, homely feel with carefully chosen artefacts, crystals and more helping to foster optimum conditions for healing.

That night I had vivid dreams and the welcome pack does say detox, as well as a physical impact, the detox can impact your emotions bringing things out that may be stored just beneath the surface.

4 Day Longevity Juice Detox Retreat in Algarve

Prices: The Simply Healing 5-day healing juice detox starts from £,1475 - all listed above treatments included, 5 daily fresh juices and evening soups. A small exercise room for guest’s use with power plates, the chi machine and a running machine are also available.

Day 2.

The Effects of Doing a Juice Cleanse or Detox | Livestrong.com

I went on a four-day juice detox…and this is what it did for my body AND mind.

I then had a consultation with Kate, one of the key retreat hosts, where I talked through my objectives for the detox and had my blood sugar – 5 – and weight – 11st 2lbs, had I really lost a pound already? – measured. This was followed by a detox foot spa where a combination of an electrical current in warm water and Epsom salts helped to draw out toxins from my feet and saw the water turn from clear to a light murky brown. Strangely this was reassuring rather than alarming, as the darker the water the more toxins that have been settling in your body without your knowledge.

Day 1.