How Long Does It Take To Detox From Aspartame? – Janet

Detoxing From Aspartame and Artificial Sweeteners

I know now that aspertame is not good and I am surprised that every adverse health condition I have could most likely be caused by the ONE diet coke/day that I have. Time for a change. Thank you!

Chewed Orbits and Extra for years. Started Jiu Jitsu training about 7 years ago but found I’d be sore for days and sometimes weeks afterwards which really stunted my training. I figured I was just getting older and accepted it. Gave up Orbits a month ago and I swear to you my body became 20 years younger. I’ve gone to class now 7 times in 10 days. It’s miraculous. I can’t believe it took me this long to realize that I was slowly poisoning myself. Get this stuff OFF the market.

Meh… I commented about this time last year with suspicions that Aspartame was the culprit behind my anxiety. Was hoping for some confirmation from others, but nada. Found out for myself after a year free of aspartame ingestion. NOPE! Not the cause. Not one iota of negative impact in fact. Thought you all would like to hear a different side to the story for a change.

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French Green Clay is virtually unknown in America as an internal detoxification supplement, yet Europeans have used it internally for thousands of years to remove the causes of disease symptoms. In 1986 after the meltdown of the Soviet nuclear power plant, Chernobyl, the Soviet Union put French Green Clay in chocolate bars and dispensed them freely to the masses to remove radiation they may have been exposed to. Found only in France and India, the ancient sea beds that provide the green clays have healing qualities that not only attach themselves to and remove toxic foreign substances within the body, but activate the body's own immune system through its chemical constitution.

Children are consuming an alarming amount of diet soft drinks each day, and they are already well on that path to serious medical complications that will be a result of aspartame poisoning. While you may only be one voice, technology today has made it possible for your voice to be heard on a global scale. Social media has transformed the way we communicate, and your voice can reach millions if you are passionate enough about putting an end to these companies polluting the human body with their deadly products.

Consuming too much aspartame can result in an aching stomach or bloody diarrhea. The chemicals in aspartame can lead to upset stomach, nausea, and even severe cramps in the stomach soon after consumption.

In late 2010, I was drinking three large coffees a day, each one with an Equal or two. In addition, I’d drink about four or five cups a day of grape drink sweetened with aspartame. This isn’t including any of the other sugar-free products I’d drink or eat occasionally.

I thought Soda Stream was better with sucralose but I was wrong. I’ll get the sparkling naturals with sugar only and NO sucralose. It will be water and home-made iced tea from now on. No artificial sweeteners. I’d rather stick with plain ole sugar!