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For others, it’s better to be in a more stabilized environment. In a medical detoxification program, doctors monitor the patient’s status and prescribe medications to ensure the patient’s comfort. Being in a medical detox program allows patients to taper off tramadol with the benefits of supervision and medication-assisted treatment.

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The Best Way to Detox From Tramadol.

Your doctor is an excellent resource when it comes to helping you wean off tramadol. They can help you design a taper schedule to decrease your tramadol dose gradually over time. This may even involve prescribing lower doses of the medications, so you do not need to cut higher-dose pills.

When you regularly take a drug like tramadol and decide to stop, it can be hard to know where to turn. Although it might be tempting to stop taking tramadol cold turkey, doing so can lead to unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Instead, your doctor may recommend a taper, or a slow decrease of tramadol’s dose over time, to get you off the drug and avoid withdrawal.

Why Tramadol Withdrawal Symptoms Occur.