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If you’re talking about a vaginal yeast infection specifically, risk factors include taking antibiotics, having uncontrolled diabetes, being immunocompromised, and having increased estrogen levels (such as in pregnancy), per the Mayo Clinic. (3)

These probiotics are known to kill candida (5*), compete for space in the gut lining, AND increase antibody production to c. albicans (6*). Try to find a Bifidobacterium ONLY product and dose heavy! This is the best long term solution if you can’t find colostrum. Remember though, for an effective candida cleanse you must either take larger doses, or culture your own probiotics to increase exposure .

Detox And Candida.

Candida Cleanse: What we learned in 20 years of yeast

What Is the Candida Diet? A Beginner's Guide, Food List, and 7-Day Meal Plan.

On the other hand, one small study examined the growth of candida before, during and after a high-sugar diet in healthy people. Researchers discovered that a high-sugar diet had a limited effect on the growth of candida ( 29 ).

Detox can play an important role in your Candida treatment. Starting your Candida diet with a detox will help to ‘clean out’ your intestines, weakening the Candida biofilms and expelling large quantities of the Candida yeast and its toxic byproducts.

Wild Oregano Oil.

Overall, this diet is designed to reduce inflammation and incorporate wholesome foods that may benefit your gut and reduce the risk of candida over time.