Cabbage: A natural diuretic that is used to help expel excess fluids in the body, cabbage is made up of approximately 92 percent water. You'd probably burn more calories chewing cabbage than anything else. It's also known for being a perfect source of many dietary fiber, minerals, and vitamins, including C, K, E, A, and folic acid.

Greens: The chlorophyll in these plant-based foods will rid the body of harmful environmental toxins, as well as aid the liver in detoxification. A blood cleanser and natural antibiotic, it also reduces blood fats, thinning the blood and lowering blood pressure.

3/ Watercress.

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Not only that, but a study from the University of Exeter showed that beetroot juice could boost stamina and help you exercise for 16 percent longer due to nitrates that reduce oxygen uptake, making exercise less tiring. Hey, after weeks of eating, drinking and catching up on Game of Thrones , a longer workout is no bad thing.

Water: Are you surprised? Don't be afraid to down a few cups in the morning, through the day, before any meal, and of course, during and after a workout. Water will help to flush your kidneys and liver and also hydrate your body from head to toe. Plus, it's free! Here's to a happy and healthy new, cleansed you!

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Garlic: Ahhh yes, the superfood of the century, not to mention the one that you don't want to consume on your first or second hot date. So exclude garlic for dating, but include it for a great slammin' detox. Garlic can also help to lower your bad cholesterol, prevent cardiovascular disease and also help to de-stress.

5 Foods to Detox Your Body.

A December fuelled almost solely by mulled wine, chocolate and Prosecco hasn't done our livers - the body's primary detox centre - any favours. So we feel a small cleanse coming on. Skip the lemon-and-maple-syrup horror (sorry Beyonce) and get back on your body’s good side with these top cleansing foods instead.