Himalayan Salt Foot Detox Blocks for Detoxification

Himalayan Salt Foot Detox To Relax Your Feet Soles ⋆ Helth

An alternative method is wet halotherapy, which uses Himalayan salt crystals dissolved in water and either gargled, drunk, or used in a floatation tank.

This unique healing device has two parts: a two inch thick dome of pure crystalline Himalayan Pink Salt and a hand-crafted rosewood base that both supports the salt dome and houses two small light bulbs.

Himalayan Salt is a natural and pure aid to assist the body’s natural detoxing processes in a gentle way. Unlike many other detox regimes that are complicated or expensive, Himalayan Salt detoxes are affordable and easy to do.

What Does the Himalayan Salt Detoxer Do?

The heat from the Himalayan Salt Detoxer will both activate and drive all oils or lotions more deeply into the skin. Use a patch test on your skin prior to using the Himalayan Salt Detoxer to ensure you have no sensitivity to any of ingredients contained in the oil or lotion you use. Remember, it is possible to have a reaction to even the most pure and wholesome ingredients.

The Himalayan Salt Detoxer is unlike any detoxification product to hit the market. Unlike other, well-known detoxification processes that rely on colored charts to assure the user of their effectiveness, the Himalayan Salt Detoxer is based on firm scientific information about known detoxification processes and how to maintain optimum health through natural cleansing. After using the Himalayan Salt Detoxer, the user has personal evidence of the effect on the body. The work of the Himalayan Salt Detoxer is based on the concept of Reflexology, a natural healing art based on the principle that zones on the feet correspond to every part, gland and organ of the body. Some users of the Detoxer report actually taste salt in their mouth and this may show that the cleansing process has moved through the body's tissues from the feet upward. Thus the Himalayan Salt Detoxer offers the user a unique, safe and effective cleansing process that, when directions are followed, can be used repeatedly to achieve many of the health benefits associated with cleansing regimens.

Many Eastern cultures believe blocked energy resides in the hands and feet. Add the detox tray to your sauna to create a relaxed vibe – Plus help free blocked energy and remove toxins.

We firmly believe in the benefits of the Himalayan Salt Detoxer, but we make no medical claims to cure, treat or prevent any kind of disease. Before using the Himalayan Salt Detoxer please seek appropriate medical advice if you have symptoms that are of concern. Such concerns may include: