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What's more, the link between the woman's liver problem and her turmeric supplement use wasn't identified by her doctors — but rather by the woman herself, after she consulted the internet.

The liver is arguably the most dynamic and essential organ in the body. Think of it as the master filtration system that metabolizes medications and detoxifies dangerous chemicals. As you can imagine, without a functional liver, your time on earth is quite limited.

The trial proved that turmeric was safe, well-tolerated, and had several protective effects against the development of hepatic steatosis. (8)

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After her diagnosis, the woman was monitored closely without receiving specific treatment. But three months later, she told her doctor she had stopped taking turmeric, after she read on the internet about a possible link to liver problems.

What Does the Liver Do?

With that said, in rare cases, users may experience problems by consuming abnormally large doses over an extended period. Usually, these doses are significantly larger than administered through a typical dietary supplement.