2-Week Sugar Detox - Shape Your Body

The Big Question.

As a society, we are addicted, literally. Sugar has been found to be as addictive as illicit drugs such as cocaine. Men, women, and children alike are consuming alarming amounts of sugar each year. It's in almost every processed food that we find.

Of course, we're definitely excited to incorporate some things back into our routine, namely more fruit and the occasional beer and cocktail. And maybe even the occasional fritter. The difference is that, now, we can acknowledge that we like these foods, but we don't feel like we need them.

Oh, and a good general rule to avoid biting someone's head off: Always have healthy snacks at the ready. When your blood sugar drops and none of your allowable foods are close by, "hanger" is inevitable….and everyone seems really annoying.

Earlier this month, in particular, I was feeling a little meh about my eating habits—my fritter count was higher than usual, and I'd done this experiment where I ate like my boyfriend for a week. He doesn't always have the most stellar dietary habits, guys. So I was in need of a little nudge in the opposite direction.

Do you have uncontrollable cravings for pizza, chocolate, chips, cookies, ice cream? In a study, Dr. Nicole Avena of the Icahn School of Medicine lists those as the "big offenders." Avena attests that these foods "share pharmacokinetic properties (e.g. concentrated dose, rapid rate of absorption) with drugs of abuse."

Are you experiencing any or all of these symptoms? If so, it's time to take action. There are many experts, including Dr. Mark Hyman and Brooke Alpert, who will attest that you have to quit sugar completely. Doctors suggest that you treat unhealthy eating patterns just as you would any type of addiction and quit sugar cold turkey. You can help yourself by completing this two-week sugar detox that we put together with the help of Alpert.