Juice Detox Day 2– The Skinny Confidential

At 11.35am, just 1 hour and 15 minutes after my second juice, I cave in and have some seeds. And a few Malteasers. I’m legitimately hungry and it’s not even been half a day. I’m unsure whether I’m hungry because I KNOW I can’t eat, or if I am in fact starving, which does feel possible.

At 8:30am I only drink half of the Lemon and Ginger Tonic – it makes me physically wretch. Instead, my coffee kick starts my digestion today, and trust me you don't want me to expand on that.

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2 Day Detox Cleanse – Ardens Garden

Providing your body with nothing but freshly pressed vitamins, minerals and nutrients can help to remove unwanted toxins and free radicals and can contribute to you feeling fitter, healthier and more alert. It is known as a cleanse as it gives your body a good clean, and can rid it of anything unhealthy or not nutritionally beneficial. It is also a nutrient-dense way to introduce your body to a low-carb diet, providing it with all the vitamins and healthy fats that you need, but nothing more.

Before Receiving Your Cold-Pressed Juices.

Reset Your Body with a 2 Day Detox Cleanse | Jennifer Hanway

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Please be advised that as our Cold Pressed Juice is a fresh product and is sent on a next day delivery service with Dpd. We charge a subsidised delivery rate of £9.99 for all Juice delivery.

If you keep to only consuming the juices provided, our experience tells us that you should lose weight. This will vary from person to person depending on how healthy they are, but you should expect to lose on average around 3-6lb (approx. 1-2.5kg). (This, of course, is not guaranteed).