Medical Detox from Drugs or Alcohol: When is it Needed and

“When a person is addicted or dependent on drugs or alcohol, stopping cold turkey can be challenging. For alcohol and some drugs, quickly stopping can be life threatening or cause the individual to have seizures.” — Dr. Kevin Wandler, Chief Medical Officer, Advanced Recovery Systems.

Ultra-Rapid Detox.


It might also be helpful to find a support group in your area to join after medical detox. Find the group’s meeting schedule, and determine how often you will be able to attend meetings every week.

“Detox is part of addiction treatment,” Dr. Glen Hanson, former interim director of NIDA and director of the Utah Addiction Center, told “You’ve got to get the drugs out of the body to figure out where you are. Not only in terms of the brain, but in terms of the rest of the body: the heart, the cardiovascular system, liver, everything is affected by these drugs.”

The Benefits of Medical Detox For Alcohol Withdrawal

Health professionals usually prescribe long-acting benzodiazepines such as Valium during alcohol detox, but short-acting drugs such as Ativan or Serax may be preferred for patients with liver problems.

What are the different kinds of detox?