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So how does it work?

Therefore this year, I decided to give it a go and say goodbye to alcohol, caffeine, and sugary treats for nine days. My willpower over Christmas had taken a serious toll, it’s a time of indulgence and I was hitting it hard. I was mindlessly eating chocolate, grabbing at glasses of wine, eating all sorts of unhealthy things for breakfast and our trip to America simply did not help. The portion sizes were out of this world, and by the time we were back home, I’d finally acknowledged my eating was out of control, my clothes were tight and my weight had piled on, leaving me feeling frustrated and disappointed with myself.

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The start of the Clean 9 asks you to set three goals. Mine were easy. Simply take back control of my eating habits, live a healthier lifestyle and become more disciplined with my food choices and if I lost half a stone (the weight I’d put on over Christmas and holidays), then that would be a bonus.

Seven days: These days bring in the protein packed shake to substitute two of your meals (breakfast and lunch) and incorporates a 600 kcal meal at the end of the day as well as taking the daily supplements from days one and two.

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Forever Living Aloe Vera Clean 9 detox.

I’ve been drinking Forever Living’s Aloe Vera gel for the past year and experienced many benefits, such as a boost of morning energy (everyone needs one of those!), radiant skin, better digestion, and a great sense of wellbeing. The company, based out of the US, also offers the Clean 9 cleanse – the beginning process of their famous F.I.T 3 stage programme. It’s been undertaken by many celebs but also many of my work colleagues who are looking for a quick way to shed pounds before, say, a wedding or summer holiday, with dramatic results.