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I must give a shout-out to Emily from ThisRawsomeVeganLife for inspiring me to give this cleansing a try. She recently went on a 10 day juice fast and enjoyed every bit of it. I figure if it’s good for her (a healthy raw vegan), it’s gotta be good for me. If you haven’t met Emily, you should drop by her blog today. She will show you how fun, healthy, and rejuvenating a vegan diet can be, naturally cleansing the body from the inside out by eating raw plant-based foods (many of them deserts). Not to mention, her photography is absolutely stunning!

As I mentioned above, I’ll be tracking every piece of fruit that goes into my mouth. Not only do I want to track the nutritional content of everything I’ve eaten, but also how much it cost. We’ll see just how expensive it is to eat a diet rich in exotic fruits. Stay tuned, this should make for a fun and interesting week!

Fruit Detox Rules:

Raw Fruit Detox (7-Day Fruit Cleansing) - ForksToFeet

For centuries, various cultures have experimented with the process of detoxifying the body with an entirely fruit-based diet, often referring to the process as a fruit fast. Individuals who have completed such fasting claim to have increased energy, weight loss, and better health overall. Some even believe that they have reduced their risk of certain diseases.

But how bad could my body be? I eat nothing but whole plant-based foods. I exercise a minimum of three hours a week. I don’t need to lose weight or increase my energy. Believe it or not, toxins are all around us. They make their way into our drinking water and the air we breathe.

7-Day Fruit and Vegetable Diet For Weight Loss

Raw Fruit Detox (7-Day Fruit Cleansing)

In an effort to become the craziest vegan blogger around, I am embarking on a 7-Day Raw Fruit cleansing detox. Well… that’s only partially true. I am actually looking to cleanse my body like I never have before, ridding it of all toxins and any other harmful substances. Of course, I’m not the first person to try a fruit diet for a few days. Believe it or not, there are people who eat all fruit, all the time; we call them fruitarians.

And if you aren’t buying organic foods, you may have residue from pesticides built up within your body. The antioxidants, phytonutrients, enzymes, and fiber from fresh organic fruit help to drive out these impurities, stopping the formation of free radical cells. So you see, even I , could use a fruit detox every once in a while.