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Biophoton Pulsed Laser Therapy.

Because Christian clinics stress faith in, and submission to, the Christian God, it provides a built-in purpose for life long after rehab has been completed. A fair number of recovering addicts go on to serve others through similar ministries, foreign missions, or local church outreach programmes. By establishing a life purpose before leaving rehab, they are a step ahead.

This analysis looks at the organ and gland imbalance from an energy point of view. If you saw your health as a flowing river of life or energy then this test can show you were the river is dammed up or blocked. We formulate a custom remedy called B.E.M.S. from this analysis that helps unblock this river of life and energy to help improve your health and the specific areas, organs and glands that are blocked. The B.E.M.S is customized to each organ, gland and system that is showing the energetic blockages. Dr. Nemec also checks the body to find out the right priority of imbalance in addressing the blockage in this flow of energy or also known as blockage in cellular communication.

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What naturally happens when people stay at the THI instead of coming and going on daily visits is an increase in their healing rate.


BODYKURE Christian Natural Healing and Health Detox Retreat

Spiritually, this conscious act to set yourself or your group apart with God helps you refocus on God in your life and your life in God. In a quiet place, all our senses open up so we are ready to listen to God.

The Comprehensive Treatment Program includes:

Brain Map Used to evaluate brain/mind/body imbalances. These maps are read for functional brain wave imbalances that can affect the body, mind and emotions . The most important part of your health is the mind and emotions and the bridge between the physical health and mental/emotional health is the brain. We access the brain with a detailed brain map of the brain waves. This is similar to accessing how healthy your heart is by doing an electrocardiogram. The ECG measures electrical heart waves and when those waves are in a certain rhythm or balance you know your heart is healthy. The same goes for the brain map. It measures your brain waves and tell you if your brain is healthy or out of balance. When you learn how to balance the 4 systems in the body and balance your brain then the mind and emotions will start to balance.