7 Best Detox Smoothie Recipes of Recent Years - Printable

Banana – I use half of a banana for the perfect amount of sweetness and creamy texture.

Switch up the flavors – You can add fresh ginger, use a different apple variety, or swap in other fruits like pineapple or kiwi for extra citrusy flavors.

They are designed to cleanse your body of toxins by hydrating your body, reducing inflammation, and getting your digestive system moving – basically, to help you poop.

Die besten Detox Smoothie Rezepte der Welt! - WE …

This detox smoothie will set you up for weight loss success! It’s filled with fiber and protein to keep you full and the digestive system moving. And if you start the day making a good choice with a detox smoothie, you’re likely to keep those good choices going throughout the day.


Entgiftungskur: Detox Smoothies mit Wohlfühl-Effekt

Supplies to Prepare a Detox Smoothie.

Yes! Drinking one smoothie a day is a great way to get most (if not all) of your fruit and veggie servings in one drink. I typically like to start my day having one of my smoothies, so I know I can start the day off right and full of energy.

Blend the spinach (or other greens first) – If chunks of spinach are a concern, I recommend adding the spinach and some of the liquid to the blender first. Pulse it a few times until all of the spinach is blended, then add in the other ingredients. This tip is most helpful if you don’t have a high-speed blender.