The MSM / vitamin c protocol for detoxification and tight

The pilot study evaluated whether MSM can counteract this glutathione depletion. For this purpose, paracetamol was administered in rats, resulting in an increase in liver values and greatly reduced glutathione levels. If MSM was now taken, glutathione reduction was less pronounced. Also better liver values could be determined. The authors explain the positive effects of MSM by its ability to release sulphur, which in turn can be used for the synthesis of glutathione, for example.

The Ultimate Liver Detox.

MSM- The Wonder Supplement for Your Gut | The Plan

Alternative doctors and therapists swear by the detoxifying properties of MSM – even though the scientific evidence in this area is rather meager. Here, therapeutic practice seems to be miles ahead of research. And yet there are individual studies that describe the liver-protective and detoxifying properties of MSM. These studies deal with liver-damaging effects that can be triggered by herbicides, environmental chemicals or drugs and reduced by MSM.

The Best Strategies For Looking After Your Liver.

It starts with paraquat. Paraquat is the most widely used contact herbicide and is used against broad-leaved plants and grasses. Due to its high toxicity – it causes kidney failure, respiratory distress, visual and liver damage and damages the embryo in the womb – it is banned in the EU and Switzerland, but not in the USA and China.

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If you is interested in the field of nutritive medicine, you will sooner or later stumble upon the term “MSM”. The term from the USA conquered the European markets shortly after the turn of the millennium and was almost completely forgotten before then.