A gradual period of detoxification will reinvigorate the body and help restore the skin back to its normal state, giving you a youthful glow.

What can I do during this period? The hardest thing for many people to do is accept that they are not sick and realize that the body is cleansing itself. Once you get beyond this psychological barrier, the rest is easy. The most important thing to do can be summed up in one word . . . Rest. Rest, and let the body do what it needs to. If you have the luxury of staying home, do so! If not, cut back on social engagements and perhaps even cut back on any exercise you are getting. Give your body as much energy as possible to do its jobs. Eat light foods that are easy to digest – consume fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water.

However, a body with a high level of toxins will have a near constant high level of cortisol in the body. This high level of cortisol leaves you awake and stressed at night when you should be sleeping.

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That means getting rid of the toxins in your body may be an effective way to finally win your war against fatigue.

Incessant cravings.

Emotional toxins: Stress, fear or traumatizing events can affect both the nervous and hormonal systems, which then affect your body’s ability to detox.

What are the signs of detoxing?

Water is a substance that its use in the body can never be over-emphasized. The body as a whole is made up of about 60% water therefore water is very much needed to ensure that the body maintains a functional state.