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Both can be a little intimidating at first but have enormous benefits to the body and the detoxification process.

Society is full of companies urging you to do things that are actually against your own health and well-being. It’s no wonder that we come to the point of desiring detox retreats where we can get our body and mind right. A healing period where we can bring ourselves back into alignment.

What is a good 7-14 day yoga retreat in India for detox?

A detox program is a time of a reduction and change in our food consumption, or stopping consuming solid food (fasting) altogether for a few days.

It’s a bit tricky to search for a wellness retreat where you can trust that your health is in good hands. This is why we do the vetting for you ;) We investigate every detox program before uploading it to our platform so that way you can be at peace as you select your perfect detox oasis.

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You can cleanse your skin, and relax the body and mind with a steam ritual before your treatment. It is also traditionally used in many cultures to relieve muscle aches and pains,cleanse the lungs, and detoxify the body through the inhalation of purifying herbs. Steam helps open up the channels for elimination of toxins and is ideally taken following exercise or before treatment.

5. Up on Antioxidants and Prebiotics, down on the salt. Too much salt blocks proper flushing of waste products in our bloodstream, making this a case of less is more. Good bacteria in our gut from prebiotics plus the added antioxidant shield against cell damage is detox must. Natural sources such as nuts, fruits and berries are more recommended than supplements.

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