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Two, is the order important? Which Detox Program do we do first, and then second, and then third, and so on?

I will do the Hot & Cold Shower routine, skin bruising, and body movement in the form of Chi Gong (Qigong) and rebounding. I don’t plan to do the High Enema, the Cold Sheet Treatment, massage/bodywork, Castor Oil Packs, Poultices nor the Female Suppositories (since I’m a male :-))

In this blog I will detail my experience and what I’m doing in the way of nutritional intake and general lifestyle. I will also illustrate what the protocol is like by writing and posting photos and videos.

Intro on How to do Dr. Schulzes 30 Day Detox - Pure

Our favorite thing about Dr. Shulze’s detox programs is that they allow you to approach them from your individual level of comfort: beginner, intermediate or advanced. The programs are easy to follow, with simple day to day steps. The formulas are incredibly potent no matter what level you choose, yet they are safe and easy to incorporate into your everyday routine.

What Is Dr. Schulze Liver Detox Program?

Starving Through Dr. Schulzes 30 Day Detox

After doing two 5-Day detox programs by Dr. Schulze, I was impressed with the results but still not free of nagging long-term symptoms of proteinuria, fluid retention and chronic pain in the liver and kidney areas. I have seen over 65 medical doctors and had countless workups before realizing what a waste of money and time it was. Alternative and complimentary practitioners haven’t offered a diagnosis or resolution either.

The bottom line… Don’t let the food program be the reason to NOT do my 5-Day Detox Programs. If necessary, eat whatever you want but just get the damn herbs into your mouth. You will be much better off than if you do nothing at all! And believe it or not, the 5-Day Detox Programs have proven themselves extremely effective in my clinic, even when my patients stayed on horrible all meat Atkins and Zone Diets, so again, the bottom line is, what…

If you are in generally good health and just doing my 5-Day Detox Program mainly for preventative reasons, then let’s have some fun with it. This should be a time for health experimentation. Checking out new health food stores, and new foods, and new health food restaurants, juice bars and new healthy recipes. You don’t have to do any juice flushing at this time, or at all. You could stay on raw foods the whole time. You can even eat cooked foods. In fact, I would rather see you eat junk food and complete my 5-Day Detox Program than not do my 5-Day Detox Program at all. (You know the old story… “SuperFood in lite beer is better than just lite beer all by itself!”)