Red Carpet recently lowered the price of their signature cleanse from $90 to $72 per day, but are offering an additional 10% off to goop readers. Use code ‘goop10’ at checkout. Offer valid one month from today.

Situated in a greenhouse-inspired space in Toronto, this small-scale juice company makes just a few batches of raw, organic, cold-pressed juices and nut milks a day. In addition to traditional boosters, each cleanse also comes with waters. We began each day with a Clean-zing water with maple syrup and cayenne (master-cleanse style), followed by a green juice, an E3 Live booster, more green juice, an almond milk, a raw aloe booster in the afternoon, a root juice, and then a chia seed water to finish. The variation keeps this cleanse interesting and actually fun: We were never bored or struggling with that, “I can’t drink another juice” lag. It’s not included in the cleanse, but you have to try their insane Pink and Green Milks: Almond milk blended with either beets or spinach for a creamy, delicious veggie milkshake.

This juice comes with a side of hipster edge. Marked by a neon green sign, this clean, minimal shop is filled with juices, raw snacks, and green plants. The cleanse begins each morning with a nice jolt: Orange, grapefruit and a shot of cayenne. After that, it’s an all-star line-up of delicious green juices, a root juice, and a creamy almond milk to finish the day.

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LA: Pick-Up + Local Delivery West Hollywood | 8366 W. 3rd St. | 323.944.0409 Pasadena | 57 E. Holly St. | 626.578.0101.

Admittedly delicious, the Signature Cleanse here hardly feels like a sacrifice, making this ideal for novices: These are definitely the most delicious cleanse-based juices we’ve tried. The Signature includes six drinks per day, favorites being the Rawkstar Smoothie (almond milk, mango, kale, cinnamon, and stevia) and the Baja Mint Cooler (pineapple, cucumber, mint, and jalapeno). Each juice employs some sort of sweetener, so if you aren’t used to sugar, it might feel like a slight overload—but will undoubtedly give you a lot of energy during the day. On the third day, we opted for the Juice Till Sunset, which included four juices, a chia seed pudding, and a hearty salad (which tasted insanely good after a couple of days of no chewing). Red Carpet Cleanse uses HPP, but we like their juices so much we put them on the list anyway.